Don’t talk to me, I’m texting

If you are, as I am, still somewhat starstruck by the awesome power of the fax machine, I have some bad news for you. Get ready for the Death of Voicemail. In a recent article in the Mpls Star Tribune, we find that pesky younger generation (you know who you are) has completely abandoned voice mail in favor of text messaging. In fact, some of these wily youngsters have the audacity to not even check their voicemail! Many no longer even bother to set up a password for the systems they may have available. This can be bad for those of us who have worked years to hone our message-leaving abilities to a razor’s edge.

However, it can be a good thing also. Texting can be easier to deal with, gives one a record of the message without having to take notes and will allow us to leave those “umms”, ahhs” and awkward silences in voice messages behind. Anything that makes communications more accurate has got to be a good thing, right?

Except, now I have to develop manual dexterity in my clumsy fingers and double up on my bifocal prescription in order to deal with those tiny little buttons on my phone. Seems my need for personal growth will never end.

But isn’t that the way we really want it to be?


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One response to “Don’t talk to me, I’m texting

  1. supplychick I am nervous. The whole texting thing eludes me. It’s like that commercial where the Dad is accusing his son of using all the texting minutes because he has “cheetah thumbs”. It takes me so long to text, by the time I’m done, I coulda called them 3 times!

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