Mosquitoes are repellent little creatures

Golf tournaments in Minnesota are a rite of summer. Any organization with a public profile is going to be asked to participate in a golf tournament in some manner this summer. Truth be told, golf tournaments can be a good opportunity to increase visibility and good will for your organization, but how do you stand out from the usual collection of golf balls, tees, water bottles and other cliché items that fill the normal golfing “goodie” bag?


Bugs are also a Minnesota rite of summer. We have been lucky so far this year because we have had an abnormally dry and cool spring so far, but make no mistake, mosquitoes and other biting insects are on their way. Add to this fact the recent news of the diseases such as encephalitis being carried by mosquitoes and you have a real need to control insect bites while out on the golf course or anytime outside

So, put the three together:

Your organization + golf tournaments + mosquitoes = A great promotional opportunity

Weird idea of the week: Put your logo and organization’s information on a pocket sprayer filled with insect repellent. This will give each golfer a practical item that can be used both on and off the golf course. It offers them protection from the annoying bugs and the diseases they carry. Plus, every time they use the pocket sprayer, they will be reminded that you cared enough about them to invest in their health and comfort.

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