Looking through the fog of adversity

Many today are of the mind that we area going through some tough times right now. Many would be right.

Although the signs are that the economy may be improving (at least no longer deteriorating catastrophically, as we saw this past winter), it would not be unreasonable to feel as if one is experiencing some adversity right now.

The important question is: what are you going to do about it?

Complain? Who cares?

Get angry? At who?

Give up? Good for your competition, bad for your future.

When you’re in the midst of adversity, don’t look at where you are or how you got there; envision where you want to be, even if your vision seems unrealistic. See yourself beyond your current circumstances and envision yourself where you will be after you have weathered the storm.

When businesses or people are in the middle of adversity, they tend to behave in reaction to the circumstances as they are during that set point in time. That is, they can only see poor sales, poor cash flow, poor traffic patterns, etc. Many put in place short-term “fixes” to get them through. However, some of those “short-term” answer can have negative long-term effect on their business.

But an effective leader needs to look beyond the now. They see a future scenario where they have adapted to adversity and have achieved a new level of success for themselves and their business.Eye

Realize that whatever situation you’re in is temporary and it will pass, no matter how bad it may seem. When you envision what’s possible, you quickly discover that adversity actually can be an opportunity to make the changes you need to make to move to the next level.

Bad times can be a catalyst for change that allows you to re-invent yourself or your life circumstances. Adversity prepares you for something better.

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