Your Head on a Stick

If it is summertime in Minnesota, it must be time for (among other things) community celebrations, parades and food on a stick.

Whether it is a local event, a party in the park or a county fair, summer in Minnesota is full of opportunities to promote yourself and/or your business. For those of you courageous enough to take advantage of it, I want to share an idea that can create an enormous amount of PR and visibility for someone looking to create a presence for themselves in their community.Headonastick

Put Your Head on a Stick.

How do we put you head on a stick, you ask? We simply take a picture of you and I create a hand fan out of it.

Hand fans are handy, inexpensive items that can create enormous goodwill for your business on a hot, sticky day at a baseball game, picnic or any outdoor summer event. They also come in handy at indoor events without air conditioning.

Adding the element of your picture gives the promotion a memorable, fun aspect when tied into the right theme.

So, for those of you with the courage to put your mug into the public arena – I’ve got a stick with your name on it.

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