Lights! Camera! T-Shirt?!?

A screen printed t-shirt is still one of the most effective ways to publicize a belief, advertise an event or build a brand. When someone chooses to wear a t-shirt with a brand or message, they are saying something about themselves.

Similarly, how a business chooses to decorate a t-shirt communicates volumes about their approach, their product, their message. How do you see your business? How do you want others to see your business?

If you want your message to be that your business is cutting edge, on top of the new and/or at the forefront of technology, then perhaps you should consider putting it in lights. Just take a look at this little video from a new company called “Threadlites” and you will get an idea of what I mean.


This new decoration technique (electroluminescence (EL) technology) can help you make a statement about your organization at the next concert, party or wherever potential customers gather. Have something to say? Say it in lights.

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