Stretching the Truth

Charlie Girsch has a pretty good gig. He has created a career for himself in the toy invention business, which means he gets to spend his days thinking of new ways to play. Fun work if you can get it, but damned difficult to be successful in it.

Charlie is one of the best and he shares many of his secrets in a book he wrote with his wife(Maria Girsch, Ph.D)  “Fanning the Creative Spirit”. This book is full of practical “creative”stretch” exercises and activities that help one increase their creativity and innovation quotient. I highly recommend you purchase a copy of his book and put it on your desk for when you need a burst of inspiration.

To give you some idea of the exercises you can use to “stretch” you creativity, here is something you can try over the long weekend coming up – Try, for one day, to do nothing but truthfully complement or say something nice about everyone you talk with or meet.

Believe me, when it comes to picnics or time spent with the relatives, this exercise will require you to think quickly and creatively. Good Luck.


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