Fear of Failure can Cause Failure to Launch

In his great new book tribes_godin_coverTribes, Seth Godin shares his thoughts on leadership in the 21st Century. He explains in simple language how the internet is changing the face of leadership, society and the individual’s role in it. We are becoming a society of self-selecting tribes, centered around common interests and shared passions. At the center of these movements or “tribes” is a leader who is part instigator, part facilitator and part cheerleader.

One of his strongest points in the book is that fear is a significant inhibitor of innovation and progress. He says, “We choose not to be remarkable because we’re worried about criticism.” Although that may not be an entirely original thought, he points out a how differences today make the price of fear today much higher than in the past.

In the past, being remarkable required not just the courage to be “different” but it also required a great deal of capital to put one’s “different” ideas in the marketplace. However, with the tools available today on Internet 2.0, everyone has the opportunity to be remarkable at a relatively low cost. Today, in many ways, the only thing keeping someone from putting their ideas out into the marketplace is the courage and time to do so.

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