The Best Fertilizer for YOUR Garden

“The best fertilizer for any soil is the shadow of it’s owner” The best looking gardens are created not by chemicals or soil quality but by the sweat of the gardener as they weed, hoe and tend to their plants.

There are two attributes that separate achievers from those who are just getting by. These attributes are a great attitude and taking ownership. Without these two, you have little chance of passing mediocrity, much less attaining excellence. With these two, you can accomplish anything.

The neat thing is, both of these attributes are a matter of choice. Your attitude is comprised (among other things) of your desire to achieve, your vision of where you’re going and how you react to that which happens in the world around you. Books have been written on the subject of attitude. However, ownership (or responsibility) is not talked about quite as much.

Ownership means taking personal responsibility for viewing and handling situations as if you owned them, even if you don’t. In other words, even if you didn’t create the mess, if it affects your results or the results of your employer, you need to take responsibility for cleaning it up.

Do you take ownership of what you do, or do you just put in time as if you’re serving a jail sentence? Do you watch the clock or the bottom line? Ownership means going above and beyond “good enough,” ensuring the job is done at the highest level.

Taking ownership means the difference between someone who dreads what they do, and someone who thrives on what they do, and are proud of their accomplishments after the fact.

When you own something, you take better care of it. You take responsibility for it.

Taking ownership of your little piece of the earth will create better results for you AND your little piece of the earth. Keep in mind that you own your life, your career, and your future success.

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