Improv(e) Your Innovatio(n)


Have you ever watched improvisational comedians? How about listening to a couple of musicians jamming? These types of entertainers become famous for their willingness (notice I don’t mention ability) to go before the public without a script or sheet music, trusting that not only will they survive, but that they can delight themselves and their audience.

Improvise. Birds do it, kids and jazz musicians do it. Why even middle-aged adults do it when they “make up” little excuses for being late. My hope is that you might be willing to take the risk of improvising (at times) in order to tap into another dimension of your creativity.

What I am suggesting here is the notion that there are people who improvise their way through life and enjoy the process. One way to become more innovative is to encourage and incorporate improvisation into your daily life. We all improvise to a certain extent in our lives already. Learn to recognize the improvisation you do in your everyday life. I’d like you to give yourself credit every time you negotiate through traffic, answer the phone or ever move away from scripted or planned activities. I hope that you can bring that same energy to other parts of your life without being stopped by the fear that you might fail.

Next time a speaker asks for questions, speak up. Next time someone asks for feedback, don’t hold back – be positive, but don’t hesitate to provide your ideas. Next time you have a chance to speak to a group, step up and let it rip. You will be surprised and pleased by what you can do and how you can grow creatively when you challenge yourself to improvise

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