Just… Wouldn’t… Quit

The Minnesota Twins were 7 games behind Detroit on September 1st.  They lost one of their best players to injury for the year shortly thereafter. The local sports pundits chortled and said “See ya next year in spring training”.  Yet, with their back to the wall, they refused to lose. Through the month of September, they worked, hustled and just kept coming back.

Going into the final weekend of the season. they were 3 games down with 4 games to play, no team had ever overcome those odds before; winning was improbable at best, it was said. Good effort they were told, way to fight guys, now go close the Metrodome and “wait ’til next year boys”

This glorious morning the Minnesota Twins are Champions of the Central Division of the American League.

Tied with Tigers after a 162 game season, they played in an epic 12 inning game that featured comeback after comeback, a game that will be remembered for years to come, winning dramatically with hits from two of their youngest players under enormous pressure. Truly a classic performance from a team of over-achievers. It doesn’t matter how they fare against the big, bad Yankees in the coming playoffs, these guys are winners now. 

For the rest of their lives, they will look back at this past month, these past few days, last night’s game and remember that this was one of their finest hours, their defining moments, because they just… wouldn’t… quit.

So, if someone says to you “it can’t be done” or someone tells you “to stay down, you are beaten”, remember the Minnesota Twins of 2009 and know it isn’t so.

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