It’s Worth it.

Yesterday, my son, married his best friend. They are two individuals who spent part of their lives apart until they found each other. Love happened and now they are together. They like each other as they found each other and now they unconditionally love each other. Isn’t that neat?

If love were the driving motivating factor in the world today, what a different world in which we would live. Imagine a world in which our interactions with each other are guided by concern for one another; what would your day involve? What would you do differently today?

Lucas & Kelsey

Unfortunately, this type of unconditional love is hard. I don’t mean the bio-chemical reaction in the brain which causes two humans to be attracted to one another, I mean the love you have for another when there is absolutely nothing in it for you – unconditional love.

Love means one has to put someone else above your own self-interest – by your own choice. Love means someone else takes center stage in the drama of your life, someone else’s needs get put first.  However, the great thing about love is, if applied properly, it becomes reciprocal. It is very difficult for a human being to be the object of love without returning love back. It may take awhile for them to come around, but even the hardest heart can be changed with love.

Yes, love is hard – but worth it.


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